“Spark of Light is as good as VR games get.” -The VR Shop“Wonderfully imaginative and engrossing. 4 out of 5 stars” -VR Focus Enter a beautiful Dreamscape and bring back the light!Help Nerow by manipulating his world with environment-puzzles designed specifically for VR. Search for hidden fireflies to guide Nerow and solve the mysteries of […]


To show the true potential of their product, Manus VR started a collaboration with a newly formed VR studio under the direction of Peter Kortenhoeven. Together they developed a demo specifically designed for the Manus VR glove. This new announced demo is called Pillow’s Willow and plays like a ‘virtual reality dollhouse’ in which the […]


Knowledge Knockout is a multiplayer quiz battle in which the player answers 1000 questions about the organization. The quiz is usable for different topics, like “keep the organization vision vividly”, “enhancing product knowledge”, “knowledge of compliance”, “quality knowledge in general” or “onboarding”.


In this free space game with arcade-style elements and ‘back to the ’80s’ action, your mission is to help Bleepee jump from one planet to another and collect mystery boxes along the way. But time is ticking away! You only have 60 seconds to reach the last planet. The faster you complete a level, the […]


Monsterzoo (Working title Juf In A Box) is developed by Ranj and Stabilo. It approaches writing lessons in a playful and educational way by combining the challenge, feedback and fun of games with an adaptive teaching method.


Found Sound Music did the sound design for two gamification solutions for a Dutch supermarket chain. In this game employees become ‘share holder’ of their sales department. They can increase their stock value by creatively increasing sales of a focus product during the week, competing with other departments in a stock exchange. Other employees get […]


Found Sound Music did the sound design for this HR training game. Practising Law Institute (PLI) is one of the largest suppliers of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in the USA and a leader within the industry. With this serious game they aim to introduce a new way of learning into their educational program.


The game takes the form of an adventure game and centres on a situation involving considerable problems, a solution to which must be sought. Within the overall narrative, the player practises dealing with problematic aspects of ADHD in subgames. Furthermore, he/she will learn to enlist the right help from his/her team at the right time. […]