Audio Post Production Studio
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Music and sound design play a crucial role in creating immersive gaming experiences for players. In-game music is creating a sense of tension or urgency during intense gameplay moments. Sound design is used to enhance the realism of a game.  Music and sound design in games is a crucial element for the game experience and immersion for players.

Within game development projects, Found Sound Music works closely with the game development team to create unique soundscapes, sound effects and music that complement the game’s visuals and gameplay.



Music and sound design play a crucial role in setting the tone and mood of a video production. They help to engage the viewer’s emotions and create a sense of immersion in the story. Sound design can also be used to enhance the realism of a scene and provide important information to the viewer. 

Music can also be used to create a sense of continuity throughout a video production, tying together different scenes and segments. In many cases, the impact of music and sound design in a video production can be just as important as the visuals themselves.



Affordable but professional recording equipment and DAW’s make it easy for bands and artists to record their own music. Both mixing and mastering are important steps in the music production process and can greatly affect the final quality of the audio.

Found Sound Music is specialized in mixing your recordings to professional sounding albums. Explore to check out some of our album productions.