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Formed back in 1990, CASKET started to torment their instruments with savagery, fury and relentless brutality, but also with an overdose of enthusiasm and nonchalance.

Soon this resulted in two early demo tapes entitled Ne Vollkanne (1991) and Demo ’93. 

Their highly acclaimed and meanwhile classic third demo tape Endtime (1994) earned CASKET a good reputation within the international underground scene of the mid 90s. The six-track demo tape got raving reviews in the most important European underground magazines and cult fanzines. Followed by the strong five-track demo tape Meant To Be Dead (1996) it was finally time for the first full-length of CASKET entitled Under The Surface (1998) – the band unleashed their first CD upon mankind.

Ten years after, CASKET where finally back as a three-piece, stronger than ever and with a tremendous comeback release entitled Upright Decay (2008). The album has been released as Digipac CD by MDD Records and on red vinyl through Joe Black Records. 

The following releases Undead Soil (2013) and Unearthed (2017) hit a growing European fan base as well as more attention in the media e.g. with a small interview in German Deaf Forever. 

If you read all the reviews that CASKET have gotten during the years, there are comparisons to a number of bands which all don’t really have a lot in common, except for the fact that they could be labelled as pioneers of the brutal Death Metal scene. And that’s what all those people actually meant: CASKET have this certain feel for raw and basic Death Metal, which sounds honest and true to the bone and doesn’t need any cliché.

In the meantime the trio manages (in DIY manner) to perform live on a regularly basis. In the meantime, the CASKET death machine destroyed over a hundred national as well as European club shows, gigs and underground festivals, with bands like e.g. BRUTAL TRUTH (U.S.), SINISTER (HOL), LENG TCHE (BEL), REQUIEM (CH), SEAR BLISS (HUN), FLESHLESS (CZ), DEW-SCENTED, UNDERTOW, HACKNEYED, REVEL IN FLESH, PUNGENT STENCH or ASPHYX  to just name a few.

Through national as well as international shows and festival appearances and their organization, CASKET was gaining more and more attention in the underground scene. The increased live-presence proves that CASKET is capable of destroying the place after more than 30 years of existence!

2021 marks the next gravestone in CASKETs history as their eleventh release Urn hits the streets, including five new tunes and three live tracks.

Urn has been released in 2021 by Neckbreaker Records and is available on CD, Bandcamp download and gatefold vinyl. 

If you listen to CASKET, you listen to no trends, no hypes, just honest Death Metal the way it was meant to be!