VR Game


To show the true potential of their product, Manus VR started a collaboration with a newly formed VR studio under the direction of Peter Kortenhoeven. Together they developed a demo specifically designed for the Manus VR glove. This new announced demo is called Pillow’s Willow and plays like a ‘virtual reality dollhouse’ in which the player has to solve physical puzzles which require hand interactions. The full game will be developed by Pillow’s Willow VR Studios. By solving these puzzles, you help a little orphan find her way back home and escape from her haunted realm. With this demo, Manus VR is showing their compatibility with the HTC Vive system, taking advantage of the highly accurate Lighthouse technology for their positional tracking. The combination of the Manus glove, with Lighthouse positional tracking promises an extremely immersive virtual reality experience, in which the player can interact with the virtual world around them in the same way they would interact with the real world. They have the potential to lift VR to a new level of immersion, promising to unleash the potential of a user’s hands into the virtual world.



Manus VR