Expect the unexpected


In this free space game with arcade-style elements and ‘back to the ’80s’ action, your mission is to help Bleepee jump from one planet to another and collect mystery boxes along the way. But time is ticking away! You only have 60 seconds to reach the last planet. The faster you complete a level, the bigger your reward will be. Earn coins, buy power-ups, dress to impress, with cool customized outfits for Bleepee and conquer each galaxy like a pro! Bleepee’s main objective is to complete three galaxies consisting of three levels each. Each level is packed with new and exciting obstacles to keep you challenged and your heart rate up. At the end of the final mission Bleepee’s origin will be revealed. But does his journey end there? Immerse yourself in Bleepee’s colorful universe, with cool sound effects and rich visuals, unique to every level. Titillate your senses! The game challenges your finger skills and strategic insight. Select the most suitable power-up to finish as fast as you can. We never said space travel was easy. Prepare to be frustrated, sweetening the taste of victory even more! Share your high-score and brag about it. Collect coins to become the envy of the town and keep playing ’til your fingers bleed. Expect the unexpected.



Manic Squad