The soundtrack of this house style trailer is exclusively created out of sounds we found and sampled in the Studio Dumbar headquarters in Rotterdam. The beats were designed from furniture and doors, the bass is played via a sampled fan, the melody was played with bottles of wine – which unfortunately were not emptied in […]


Animation to introduce / promote “Sustainable Delta: a serious game about water management under uncertainty”. What is, given the uncertainties about the future, a sustainable water management plan? The game, Sustainable Delta, helps participants to learn about preparing for an uncertain future. In this game a group of participants has the assignment to develop a […]


Find out why companies like Heinz, Huawei, Petrobras, Tata Consultancy Services and Yakult have already invested in Holland. The NFIA has been providing assistance to foreign companies interested in establishing, expanding or re-organizing their pan-European operations in the Netherlands for nearly 30 years.


Alzheimer and other forms of dementia are presenting the human race with one of its toughest challenges. Alzheimer Nederland works hard to raise awareness and funds for vital research, but times are hard, and competition for donors has never been tougher. With their existing style lacking emotion as well as a competitive edge, Studio Dumbar […]


Ranj and Houthoff Buruma created a recruitment game in which participants can discover and experience legal practice from within. During an office visit, students are challenged to resolve a case study within 1.5 hours, inside a rich multimedia setting. They work together in teams but are also in competition with rivals, which stimulates their motivation. […]


Found Sound Music did the sound design for two gamification solutions for a Dutch supermarket chain. In this game employees become ‘share holder’ of their sales department. They can increase their stock value by creatively increasing sales of a focus product during the week, competing with other departments in a stock exchange. Other employees get […]


Found Sound Music did the sound design for this HR training game. Practising Law Institute (PLI) is one of the largest suppliers of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in the USA and a leader within the industry. With this serious game they aim to introduce a new way of learning into their educational program.


Face Tomorrow released an acoustic album, called ‘Move On’, as a download from their website. On this self-produced record you will find 11 new versions of old songs, all of them totally reworked. Tracks from all four studio albums appear on the record, from their first single Worth The Wait to songs from the latest, […]


You might easily think 18 SUMMERS are cheerful aging wavers with a very considerable wad-o-dough by a bank, who are weird enough to would like performed her passion once again on stages. But that´s far from the truth. The oeuvre of Felix Flaucher and Frank Schwer hasn´t lost any piece of his charismatic radiance and […]


The game takes the form of an adventure game and centres on a situation involving considerable problems, a solution to which must be sought. Within the overall narrative, the player practises dealing with problematic aspects of ADHD in subgames. Furthermore, he/she will learn to enlist the right help from his/her team at the right time. […]