Lunar Nature

The Dreamside’s 5th studio album Lunar Nature has been released on the Finnish label Lion Music. The album was recorded at the Excess studio Rotterdam (Gorefest, Sinister) and contains collaborations with guitarist Karl Fieldhouse (Born from Pain), Japanese poet Kenji Siratori and Information Society. The stop motion video clip for this album was done by […]


Sorrow Bearing Tree

Sorrow Bearing Tree is the Dreamside’s 6th studio album and the first full length album the band released on their very own label Spin Moon Media. The Dreamside collaborated with Flo Schwarz from Pyogenesis for the Depeche Mode Cover ‘Walking in My Shoes’ and with Ralf Mastwijk from Face Tomorrow for the song ‘Breath With […]


Face Tomorrow released an acoustic album, called ‘Move On’, as a download from their website. On this self-produced record you will find 11 new versions of old songs, all of them totally reworked. Tracks from all four studio albums appear on the record, from their first single Worth The Wait to songs from the latest, […]


You might easily think 18 SUMMERS are cheerful aging wavers with a very considerable wad-o-dough by a bank, who are weird enough to would like performed her passion once again on stages. But that´s far from the truth. The oeuvre of Felix Flaucher and Frank Schwer hasn´t lost any piece of his charismatic radiance and […]